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St. Mary's Parish

This is where our story begins with a wedding in Hemel Hempstead, England.

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Willoughby Winchester

1803 - 1873: The 4th of 7 children, Willoughby and his wife Polly had 16 children and lived in Walker County, Alabama.

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Jesse Miller Gilstrap

Circa 1908, Pickens Co, South Carolina. Jesse and wife Elminey with daughters Rebecca & Bertha, and son Jesse (on mother's lap).

History is Timeless

A twist of fate …
A marriage in Hemel Hempstead, England between George Winchester and Annis Man in 1594 …
The courageous choice of Willobye Winchester and his two sons, William and Willoughby, to cross the ocean for the New World to claim a royal land grant from King George III of England around 1760 …
The decision of young Jack Winchester to leave his South Carolina home in 1890, ultimately to homestead in Wyoming …
A twist of fate that stationed a young Wyoming serviceman, Jackson Winchester, in Greenville, South Carolina in 1958 that led to the discovery of his father's 14 until-then-unknown brothers and sisters …
And the passion of this young serviceman's sister, Winnie Winchester Crowe, to devote the remaining 20 years of her life to researching the family and writing this book. These are the Winchesters. This book chronicles ten generations of Winchesters, beginning with George and Annis Winchester … their lives and passions; the hardships they overcame; the losses they had to bear; the successes they achieved. It is an amazing journey …

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About the Author

About the Author

Jane L. Frank

... began her career in web development and her love for genealogy within a year of each other in the mid-1990s. A 12th generation Winchester descended from George and Annis Man Winchester, from whom this book begins, she has spent years compiling and documenting the genealogy work started by her Great Aunt Winnie Winchester Crowe. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, and worked in broadcasting and law, before starting her career as a web developer. Jane is the ancestor of four descendents and lives in Oklahoma City, USA.

What Readers are Saying

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for all of the work that has been done on Winchesters.net. I bought your book about a year ago and it is invaluable to me and also my kids. Please keep up the good work.

~ Boyd Winchester


Thank you so much for putting all of that information together. I don’t work on lines other than my own so it is so nice now to have information about some other parts of the family. The pictures are great and you also included images of some documents I have not seen.

~ Melinda Wolf


Who's in This Book?

Over 1,700 people! Visit my Ancestry.com Family Tree "We're Winchesters" to see if your family may be included.

If you don't have an Ancestry.com subscription, here's a synopsis:

Major Surnames:
Abercrombie, Breece/Burrece/Burrese, Cantrell, Davis, Dunn, Galloway, Gilbert, Gillespie, Gilstrap, Gravely/Gravley, Herron, Hyatt, Martin, McClure, Mullinax, Porter, Prince, Skelton, Stiles/Styles, Swindle, Thompson, Winchester

Early States/Counties:
Alabama - Fayette, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Walker
Georgia - Rabun
Kentucky - Harrison
North Carolina - Clay, Haywood, Jackson, Swain,

Oklahoma - Stephens
South Carolina - Anderson, Greenville, Pickens
Texas - Dallas, Fannin, Lamar
Washington - Skagit
Wyoming - Fremont

's Free Book Excerpt

Nancy A. Winchester (1842 – 1927)
Nancy was born July 2, 1842, in Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina. About 1864 she married Charles Breece of Tennessee, a young man about three years her junior. They had eight children. Charles made his living as a logger. He disappeared without a trace about 1880. Nancy and her children then lived with her aged parents for a few years, finally joining her son Will in Washington state, where he had gone for work. Will saved enough money to purchase a train ticket for his mother and minor brothers and sisters to come and join him.

Nancy’s nephew, Daniel Winchester, son of Nancy’s youngest brother, Isaac, vividly remembers her departure. He told Winnie Crowe how he cried as he saw his beloved Aunt Nancy and cousins board that train and pull out of the station never to return. Nancy died January 10, 1927 in Sedro Woolley, Skagit County, Washington. Nancy’s cause of death is listed as “senility” on the funeral home records.

Her tombstone reads “Nancy A. Burrese d/o Donald & Sarah (Irwin) Winchester, w/o Chas.”


What's Inside

This book is not the usual genealogy book with nothing but boring pedigree charts. Beginning with our English history, this 346-page book is filled with interviews, stories, photos, scans of historical documents, easy-to-read charts, and yes... pedigree charts. The data contained herein is timeless and will never be outdated. Passages is an invaluable resource for your family.

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ISBN: 9781463715540