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Descendants of George and Annis Man Winchester

Order the book! Passages: Ten Winchester GenerationsWelcome! This website documents 10 generations of Winchesters beginning with George and Annis Man Winchester, who were married in 1594 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertsfordshire, England. This is a labor of love started in 1959 by Winnie Winchester Crowe and inherited in 1996 by me, a 12th generation descendant of George and Annis.

The Winchesters came to America in the late 1750s to early 1760s, settling in South Carolina because of two land grants from King George III. Over the next 130 years our ancestors spread to North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Washington.

Although I have documented 15 generations of Winchesters (that's 11,600+ people) only the first 10 generations (a mere 1,700+ people) can be viewed here or at

Always remember . . . We're Winchesters!

Winnie Winchester Crowe

The Project

Started by my great aunt Winifred "Winnie" Winchester Crowe in 1959, I inherited this massive genealogy project in 1996 and finally finished it (of course, genealogy is NEVER finished!) with the publication of the book in 2011.

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Winchester Coat of Arms

The Book

Passages: Ten Winchester Generations is a half-century genealogical research project spanning 10 generations of the Winchesters. From 1594 England, across the ocean in the mid-1700s to South Carolina and across the USA.

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The Database

The database contains over 11,600 direct descendents of George and Annis Man Winchester. The first 10 generations is only 1,700 ancestors. See where to view the database and conduct your own research.

Winchester Coat of Arms

The Winchesters

The Winchester surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The first record of the name was found in Hampshire, England. The Winchester Coat of Arms was granted October 3, 1826 to Henry Winchester, Esq. Learn more about both.

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